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14 Day Detox

14 Day Detoxification Therapy/Bio-Cleansing Massage

Panchkarm is sodhan therapy (detoxification /Bio cleansing massage. Panchkarma is the primary healing modality within the ancient Ayurvedic science. It offers balancing rejuvenation for mind, body, and consciousness. This is achieved through a Replica Rolex Submariner series of unique, natural, holistic, health-giving, deep cleansing therapeutic treatments. These treatments removes toxins from body and restore constitutional balance improving health, strengthening immunity, reversing negative effects of stresses which slow the aging process, and enhance self reliance, strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity.

Panch means five & karma means deeds/methods. Panchkarma is more than just five purifactory procedures. Panchkarma helps to clean the strotas (micro & macro channels in the body) and to rejuvenate them for insuring the proper transportation of the metabolites. It aims at recouping the harmony of the diseases passage & retaining the harmony in the normal states. The clean & competent state of the strotas (channels) is an essential pre-requisite for health. In every diseases state, blockage of the strotas (channels) is the most important diathesis.

This way this therapy is important for the removal of the malas/Toxins (waste products) from the body for the proper transformation of the doshas, dhatus (body elements).

14 Day Detox Steps

Prior to DetoxProvide Cleansing herbs for 10 day

Digestive Therapy: provide some herbs to activate metabolic process

External and Internal Oleretion pre-procedure is administered and provide Bio-cleansing massage with the Herbal oil

Stem Bath (Swedanam): Which are basically the purvakarma or meaning primary aspect of Panchakarma. Pachan karma  means provide some herbs to digest the undigested food called “Ama”(Toxins),Snehanam  in either words meaning “Oleation” and “Swedanam” meaning sweating and much of this method of Panchakarma Therapy is in preparing the toxins for elimination, through herbs, oil and sweating therapies. The eating herbs, oil application and sweating therapy helps in bringing the toxin into the digestive tract for elimination.

The first stage which comprise preliminary procedure, which prepares the body to unload stored toxins.

Vaman-(Emesis Therapy or therapeutic Vomiting)

Vaman is administrated to eliminate the Kapha causing the excess mucus. All Kapha related diseases are cured by this therapy.

In this therapy medicated liquid (milk or juice) is given to the person to induce vomiting in a natural way. Here undigested food, phlegm, harmful gastric secretions etc. are expelled by cleaning the chest and gastro-intestinal tract. It very effective and cleansing the toxins collected in the body.

Indications: – Bronchitis, cold and cough, Indigestion, acidity, toxicity, Loss of appetite, chronic allergic disorders, Acne and pimples, chronic skin diseases such as Psoriasis & eczema, obesity and all Kapha related diseases etc.

Virechan (Therapeutic purgation)

Pitta diseases are cured by this process. This eliminates the toxic or waste material from the intestine by administrating therapeutic purgation or a therapeutic laxative.
Under the Virechan some medicated oil or powder or decoction is give to the person for purgation, so that the vitiated Dosha come out without any complication. It helps to revitalize the digestion and metabolic process.

Indications:- Constipation, Ano-rectal Diseases, Hyperacidity,  joint disorders Rheumatoid arthritis, , gynecological disorders, , diabetes, skin ailments, headache, Bronchial asthma, Jaundice,  Paralysis, Ascites, Gastrointestinal disorders, and all Pitta Diseases.etc.

Colon Cleansing Vasti (Medicated enema)

There are mainly three type of Vasti “Asthaapana vasti, Anuvasan Vasti and Uttarvasti”.

Asthaapana Vasti 

Asthaapana or Niruham is enema with quath or Kashaya administrated in through rectum .Vasti is for vata and Vata dominant diseases. Vata’s predominant site is the colon.

Indications: – constipation, IBS, kidney stones, backaches, sciatica, Arthritis, Rheumatic arthritis, cervical spondylitis all types of joint pains and all Vata diseases.

Anuvasan Vasti 

Anuvasan Vasti is enema with oil. Under Anuvasan vasti medicated oil administrated in through rectum. Anuvasan vasti is indicated in vata aggravated diseases. This is not given to patients suffering from diabetes, anemia, and obesity.

Indications:- Joint disorders, paralysis, constipation, arthritis, urinary and reproductive disorders, backache, sciatica, obesity, sexual debility, infertility, digestive disorders  and all Vata aggravated diseases.

Uttarvasti:- Uttarvasti is an Ayurvedic procedure in which specific oil based medicine or decoction is administered in urethra through urethral meatus, with a syringe (under the Uttar vasti urethral catheterization is not required). Uttar vasti is very good treatment for the urethral stricture. Uttar vasti gives about 60 -70 % relief to the patient suffering from Urethral stricture.

Indications: – Urethral stricture, Infertility, Prostatic hypertrophy, gynecological disorders and urogenitla disorders.

Nasyam (Nasal Medication)

Inhalation of medicated oil through the nose is called Nasyam. An excess of humours accumulated in different sinus cavity, throat, nose or head areas is eliminated by Nasyam. Under the Nasyam treatment up to the shoulders the patient’s body is massaged. After that medicine in exact dose is measured and poured into the nostrils, as the patient inhales. During the process, the area around the nose, neck, shoulders and palms are rubbed.

Indications: – Sinusitis, nasal allergies, migraine, headache, heaviness of eye and head, chronic cold and chest congestion, tinnitus, Hemiplegia, facial paralysis, insomnia, stress and strain, hyper pigmentation of face, premature greying of hair and is especially useful in all ailments of  area and organs above neck. This treatment is beneficial in trigeminal neuralgia, improves memory and eyesight  etc.

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