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Arthritis is a disease which usually results into inflammation and loss of movements in joints. However, the arthritis treatment cannot cure the disease entirely but it can certainly reduce the pains and inflammation to a huge extent.

There are nearly 100 different types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis or the degenerative joint disease is a very common one. Osteoarthritis is caused due to infection to the joint, trauma and age. Other common types are rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and septic arthritis.

Whenever there is injury betwixt the joints, it can get enlarged and painful and result in arthritis. Primary complaint is that people suffering from arthritis face the joint pain. It occurs due to inflammation, stress on the joints, damage to the joints and among others.

The basic symptoms of the arthritis are:

  • Red skin around the joints
  • Joint pain
  • Joint swelling
  • Fever coupled with joint pain
  • Reduced movements of joints
  • Warmth-ness around joint

Tests Related To Arthritis

Physical Test: The physical test may display a fluid collection around the area of joint that may result into pain or trouble in movement in certain direction. It is known as limited range of motion.
Medical Test: This particular test for arthritis may vary depending on the type and alleged cause. It may certainly include some sort of blood tests, joint fluid, muscle, urine tests as well as joint X-rays.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis

There are different types of arthritis and may vary depending on the cause, age of the patient and severe-ness of the disease. Ordinarily, the cause is fatal and the treatment intends to diminish pain and distress and nip in the bud is further disability.


  • Supplements like calcium, zinc and vitamin C is beneficial.
  • Gold, hydroxychloroquine, azathioprine, penicillamine, methotrexate and sulfasalazine can postpone the advancement of the disease.
  • Ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen and dicolfenac have instant analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and are moderately safe.


  • Drape red flannel in the area of painful joint and let it stand overnight.
  • Gentle massage on the disturbed joint with warm olive oil helps reducing arthritis pain.
  • A sufficient amount of rest and trivial amount of exercise can help the arthritis patients to a great extent.
  • The treatment methods may further include the heat and cold treatments confirming the joint protection, medication and surgery.
  • Massage, warm baths and stretching exercises may also turn out to be helpful.
  • Changes in regular diet and food habits coupled with routine exercises can prove out to be of great help.


  • Sulphuricum: every two hours when the pains are unbearable at night.
  • Apis mellifica: 3 times for more swelling and little pain
  • Arctium: 6 times, every four hours for joint pains, colalgia and neuralgia.

Other treatments can also help in treating arthritis with the use of herbs and natural ingredients. Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis recommend use of numerous herbs which can be of great help in easing the pain and inflammation and thereby treating rheumatoid arthritis condition. Supplements available in form of pills and capsules or tablets, oils and creams for internal and external use can help treat arthritis prepared from natural herbs.

Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis basics mentioned above will help you know the symptoms and the treatment for arthritis. Though arthritis is incurable, abiding by the advised treatment and regular exercise can help reduce its effect to a certain extent

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