Know About The Benefits Of Ayurveda

What are the features of ayurvedic medicine

Considered as the oldest healing science by a number of scholars, Ayurveda can be recognized as a holistic medical science which blends mental well-being with physical strength.  This medical science which has been practiced for about 5,000 years focuses on good health, prevention and treatment of illness by retaining balance between body and mind. This balance can be attained through lifestyle practices like massage, dietary changes, exercise, meditation and herbal remedies.

According to Ayurveda, the five basics of nature namely(space, air, fire, water and earth) are inherited in the body n form of three basic energies. The elements are known as vatta, pitta and kapha. They relate closely with the specific functions of your body.

Advantages of ayurveda

According to the experts, At times we approach the doctor only to hear that there is nothing wrong. However we forget to focus on the imbalance caused between your mind and body.  Ayurveda focuses on the prevention of disease and effectively reducing the risk of serious problems. It has shown proven results in reducing the risk of heart disease and cholesterol.  It is also highly useful in reducing stress and as well as pain and loss of function in people with diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis.

How can Ayurveda help you in changing the lifestyle. 

Ayurveda practitioners prescribe several treatments which work for rebalancing the doshas in your body and healing the ailments for a long-term. As part of your examination, Ayurveda scholars ask you about your medical history examine your pulse, test your abdomen, examine your tongue, eyes, nails and skin and hear to the tone of your voice.

Ayurveda practitioners also need to understand about your lifestyle, diet, habits and surroundings. This is because it’s believed that your bodily imbalances take place due to stress, unhealthy diet, weather and strained relationships.

Know if Ayurveda is a safe resort. 

Ayurveda is a herbal medical treatment which can go hand in hand with allopathic treatment. Herbal medications have no major side-effects, however it might be advisable to consult with your physician and about using Ayurveda as an alternative therapy along with conventional medications.

To make sure that you take right type of treatments, it is eccesary that you understand the balance of three elements (doshas) given in Ayurveda. Here we have given a brief explanation to help you in getting a broad idea.

Vatta — This element is responsible for controlling movement of muscles, joints, blood circulation, breathing and heartbeats. Also if the balance is well-maintained, vatta promotes high-levels of creativity and vitality and your body. However, in case of imbalance, it creates anxiety, fear and pain in your body.

Pitta — This element is responsible to be in charge of digestion, metabolism, nutrition and temperature. If balance is well-maintained, then it leads to contentment and intelligence. However, in case it is out of balance, it may cause  ulcers and arouse anger, hate and jealousy.

Kapha — This element controls the growth in your body. It maintains the immune system, and provides moisture to your body parts and your skin. The emotions controlled by kapha are forgiveness and love. If it goes out of balance, it may lead to insecurity and envy.

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