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Erectile Dysfunction- Causes & Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction

It is an incompetence of a male to endure erection constantly and frequently. It is an ordinary phenomenon and as per the reports it affects nearly 18-30 million men. It employs substantial effects on the quality of life. Most of the time people show unwillingness to talk or discuss about it with others at times even to doctors. This is why it is essential to acknowledge this problem flexibly.

Mechanism of erectile dysfunction

The penis has two cylinder chambers known as corpora cavernosa which goes through along the length of the penis. They encompass arteries which supply blood to the penis and veins which takes away the blood from the penis. When the sexual stimulation occurs either physically or mentally the brain pass on the message to the nerves in the penis in order to source the leisure to the penile arteries. This in turn escalates the blood flow to the penis making it firm and hard, thus gaining erection. There’s an immediate contraction of muscles placed in the penis which compacts the veins and decreases the discharge of the blood from the penis thus helping to withstand erection.

Now it is pretty much clear that whatsoever get in the way of any nerve whims anywhere from the brain to the penis or anything that restricts the blood flow to the penis may result into erectile dysfunction.

Causes of ED

Many consider it as a psychological problem. While this is not the case. Though there are psychological factors involved in the action of ED but most we do have certain underlying physical cause of ED.

Physical Conditions Causing ED

  1. Vascular diseases

It is understood that an amplified blood flow to the penis helps us attain erection. Hence, any vascular diseases which harm the blood flow to the penis will make it tough to get erection. This encompasses atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and amplified levels of cholesterols.

  1. Neurological Disorder

For satisfactory erection we need appropriate functioning of our nerves along with the brain. Hence, any disorder that interferes with the functioning of brain and nerves may result into erectile dysfunction. This encompasses conditions like Stroke Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Diabetes

Males undergoing diabetes mellitus generally experience erectile dysfunction at ceratin point of time in life specifically when they don’t have an optimum sugar control.

  1. Lifestyle

There are certain lifestyle preferences which can augment the danger of erectile dysfunction. This includes smoking, drug abuse and drinking. They interfere with the blood supply of the penis.

  1. Trauma

Disturbance to the blood vessels and nerve supplying the penis may also result into erectile dysfunction. The significance of trauma as a cause of erectile dysfunction has been associated with people who ride bicycle for long period of span. This is because bicycle seat lays continuous pressure on the vessels and nerves supplying the penis thus harming them and causing erectile dysfunction.

  1. Medications

There are some drugs or medications that can be the basis of erectile dysfunction. This include medications used to lower blood pressure and also certain antidepressant. The wit is depression and high blood pressure are among some of the causes of erectile dysfunction and the drugs you use to treat this conditions also cause erectile dysfunction.

Psychiatric Conditions Causing ED

The brain plays a vital role is attaining erection as well as inclination and delight related to sex. Thus, any issue that interferes with working of the brain can cause erectile dysfunction. Psychiatric disorders are accountable for only about 10-15 percent of the situations of ED. This include

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Low-self esteem
  • Depression

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Medications

There’s a known a drug called sildenafil which is popular as Viagra. It is not only one drug, instead there’s a whole class of drugs called phosphodiestrase inhibitors. The other essential medications included in this group are Vardenafil (Levita, Stxyn), Tadalafil (Cialis) and Avanafil (Stendra).

  1. Lifestyle changes

There are some lifestyle changes which can help in the enhancement of sexual function. This include termination of smoking, exercise and weight loss.

  1. Surgery

If the reason behind erectile dysfunction is blockage of the artery supplying the penis specifically in younger patients it is possible to surgically restore the blood flow. The other things that can be done surgically is placing an implant in there. This implant is filled with the pressurized fluid whenever erection is needed.

  1. Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are specially design comprising a cylinder and a pump. The penis is positioned in the cylinder and pump is used to pull the air out of the pump creating a cylinder. This in turn escalates the blood flow to the penis. So as to sustain the erection an elastic band is worn around the base of penis.

  1. Psychotherapy

ED is claimed as a complex issue to deal with. Hence, it is essential for you to involve your partner and consult a doctor if you really want to get out of this difficult condition. Another essential problem to bear in mind is to dodge any self-medication as it might have fatal outcome.

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