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Fat loss Treatment in Melbourne

Fat loss Treatment in Melbourne

Weight Loss Treatment & Massage 

Udvartana ( Obesity Massage for the fat Loss)

Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Clinic offers weight loss package with The Detox package.

This is a specialized Ayurvedic herbal massage treatment for effective weight reduction. An herbal paste or powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movement by therapist for 60 – 90 Minute every day.

This is very effective in natural weight loos & Inches loss. It’s also helps to remove in Cellulites .Rejuvenates the skin gives good complexion and remove the toxin from the body.

Treatment/Cure Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Clinic Melbourne

Those who are having trouble because of weight and seeking for some help can contact the clinic anytime. With the help of Ayurveda specialist at Ayurveda yoga wellness clinic, patients can get the best treatment in Ayurveda. We have qualified Ayurveda doctors and they treat with Organic Ayurvedic medicine and ayurvedic oil . This is the most advanced medicine in Ayurveda. We use authentic traditional medicine therapy and which helps to get away from the excess weight. We not just treat the patient physically but also psychologically. Weight issue could create lots of mental and people might lose self-confidence. We help them to gain the self confidence back and be happy in daily lifestyle.

Dr Santosh Yadav is an Ayurveda specialist and the pioneer in Ayurveda medicine. He has more than 10 years’ experience in this field. He has treated thousands of patients in India and Australia

Ayurvedic Approach In general to treat the Obesity

Below 20 thumbs Rule to reduce the weight loos naturally

1.1st decide the individual body constitution.

According to the body constitution follow the daily life style regimen and diet.

2. Increase your intake of foods which are enhancing your digestive fire.
E.g. Ginger, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, strawberry, plum, apple, coriander, Drumstick, fenugreek, Spanish, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, gourd, bitter melon ect.

3-sip by sip drinks hot water throughout a day.

4- Keep fasting one day a week.

5- Drink Ginger tea 2-3 times a day.

6-Drink regular in morning empty stomach hot water with lemon and honey9If diabetes don’t mix honey)

7-Eat one or two time fresh ginger and liquorish root (Yastimadhu /Mulathi)

8-In general use more pungent (spicy), bitter and astringent taste of food.

Some spices e.g. Cumin, ginger, mustard seed, black pepper, garlic, thyme, coriander ect.

9-Use some Ayurvedic Herbs: Bhrami (Gotukala), Guggulu, Amalki, Shilajit.

10- Remove the ama (Toxin) which by definition is a by-product of incomplete digestion. Ama blocks the circulatory, lymph, and other channels of the body. People who are overweight almost always have an excess of ama in their bodies. Getting rid of the body of its ama is a primary strategy of Ayurvedic treatment.
Deepak Chopra, M.D. comment about the ama “It is highly impractical to treat any imbalance of the physiology when ama is present-and it is extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, to lose weight. This is why so many people who have limited their diets to the point of virtual starvation still have failed to accomplish their goals. Therefore it’s essential to take practical steps to eliminate ama in order to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Ama is, quite simply, a key in the pathogenesis of obesity. After all, one of the principal qualities of ama is heaviness.Some Herbs and compounds are effective in reducing ama such as Turmeric,Trikatu (a combination of equal parts of black pepper, ginger, and pippali),Triphala (A combinations of Amaliki ,haritiki and bibhitiki)Ayurvedic herbs,Guggulu,Take this in combination with triphala are very effective to reduced the ama from body.

11-Eat less fat producing food.

12-Avoid sleeping in day time. Mind and body should keep always be busy in work

13-Take1 glass lukewarm water with 1tsf honey, in Early in morning (If diabetes than avoid only take lemon water)

14-do not use excessive amount of food/eat less than required quantity

15-avoid red meat

16-avoid all junk food.

17-use more sprouts like mong bean, Chick pea, and fenugreek.

18-avoid White bread always use whole meal bread,

18-every day you should walk at least 2 km and do kapal bhastrika and anulom vilom Pranayama.

19-Do not drink too much cold water and clod things,

20-Eat millet, wheat, barley, corn, black chick pea, lentil, horse gram.

Relaxation and oxygen

Practice Yoga, meditation, and Pranayama (breathing exercises) daily. (For more recommendations on relaxation, it all increases the intake of oxygen and body cell metabolises and produced the proper energy. we advise specific yoga asana.


For the Kapha type people need extensive exercise such as running, dancing, swimming, cycling etc.

Ayurvedic Natural Herbs:

We advise a light diet, fasting, spicy herbs to stimulate digestion, mild laxatives, and tonic herbs such as Guggulu.

A) Take a teaspoon of Guggulu two or three times a day mixed with ginger and honey.

B) Chitrak (Plumbago zeylonica), kukti, and Trikatu. Take 1/2 teaspoon of this herbal blend boil in water drink two times a day.

C) One part each turmeric, triphala, and Trikatu with 2 parts honey; take once a day with 1/2 cup of warm water.

D) Using the enema (recommended by Ayurvedic doctor)

E) Some combined formulation:

Medohar Guggulu




Udvartana ( Obesity Massage for the fat Loss)

Some food Recipes helps to reduced the weight

1-Make a Dalia/kitchari

Wheat-500gm,bajra(Millet) -500gm,mung bean-500gm,rice-500gm,take all in that amount, and grind it. And mixed 50gm white sesame and 20 gm ajwine, and every day 50 gm dalia cooked Dalia in 400ml of water and mixed some vegetables little bit salt and use it 3-4 month in breakfast or lunch or dinner.

2- Lentils omelette

Rice 30-35gm

Black gram lentils 15-20gm

Red gram lentils 15-20gm

Green gram lentils 15-20gm

Fenugreek seeds 12.5-15gm

Oil 15gm

Salt to taste

Method:-Soak rice, lentils and fenugreek seeds over night, in morning grind them coarsely .Add all the spices like coriander, cumin, black pepper, turmeric, small  cardamom, mix it properly  and spread on hot pan. Fry it slow heat on both side. When it’s become golden brownish in colour, serve it.

(3)Chapatti /Bread

Wheat flour 90 gm

Corn flour-45

Cheek pea flour-45 gm

Fenugreek Seeds powder 12.5 gm

Make chapatti of above ingredient and eat with vegetable or lentils.

(4) Dalia or Lentils Semisolid Soup

Broken wheat 50- 60gm

Green Gram lentils 30-40 gm

Fenugreek seeds 12.5 gm

Cumin 2-3 gm

Black Pepper 2gm

Water 250ml

Salt to taste

Method: Soak fenugreek seeds and broken wheat overnight, In morning heat oil, fry wheat and green gram lentils till golden brown add fenugreek seeds and water and cooked till soft and semisolid, add salt to taste and serve hot.

(5) Indian Parattah 

Wheat flour 60gm

Besan (Cheek peas Flour) 30-40gm

Olive oil-10gm

Fenugreek seed powder-12.5 gm

Salt –to taste

Method: – Add flour and salt and fenugreek powder and make dough. Divided in to three balls and cooked on hot plate both side.

(6)Vegetable Omelette

Besan- 60gm


Green chilli-3-5in number

Mustered 4 pinch

Fenugreek seed- 12.5


Salt-to taste

Water 60ml

Method:-Mixed all ingredients except oil add water and mix. Put on hot plate spared oil and spread mixture and cooked both side.

So give a chance to Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Clinic to discuss your health problem. We are very sure our Ayurvedic Doctor helps to you to treat the obesity and related problem like High cholesterol ….

If your weight is too much you may have back pain, neck pain, high cholesterol .Do you know? Overweight people are more chance to get the cardiovascular disease like Heart artery blockage, High blood pressure, MI (Myocardial infection), Ischemic heart diseases, Diabetes, Fatty liver, Impotency etc.

So consult our Ayurvedic doctor protect your heart and health. Explore the healthy life.

Also Ayurveda Yoga wellness clinic offers the package for the weight loss

Weight loss Packages:

  • 3 day Fat Loss Massage + Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation + Yoga For weight loss: $420 AUD

  • 7 Day Fat Loss Massage + Ayurvedic Lifestyle + Diet Consultation + Yoga For weight Loss $ 980AUD

  • 14 day fat Loss Massage + Ayurvedic Diet Consultation+ Ayurvedic Lifestyle+ Yoga for weight loss: $1960AUD

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