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Knee Care ( Janu Vasti)

Janu Vasti/Knee Care

Janu vasti One of the most effective widely use treatment to reliving the pain and rejuvenating the knee joints. A procedure which involves warm herbal oil stagnated over the affected Knee for 30-45 minutes followed by a marma massage and fomentation (Nadi sewedan).

Janu vast is specialised treatment in Ayurveda Massage to treat of the Pain relief, relaxation of muscles, increase in circulation in the area, lubrication of the joint, improvement in mobility and flexibility.

Janu Vast is also useful as preventive care in people who are at risk such as sports person, Chief or those who are standing long period of time due to work.

Janu Vasti is highly Useful in below conditions

  • Osteoarthritis of Knee joints
  • Patella tendinitis
  • Sprains and Ligament tear injury
  • Knee injury
  • ACL(Anterior cruciate ligament )
  • MCL(Medial collateral Ligament )
  • LCL(Lateral collateral ligament )
  • Patella femoral Syndrome
  • Illiotibial band syndrome
  • Trons meniscus
  • Knee Bursitis
  • Age related degeneration
  • Sport injuries


One Knee Joint:

  • One treatment: $85 AUD 
  • 3 Treatments:  $240 AUD
  • 5 Treatment: $375 AUD 

Both Knee Joints :

  • One treatment: $ 120AUD 
  • 3 Treatments:  $330 AUD
  • 5 Treatment: $ 500 AUD 

To get good result you go for the 3 or 5 treatment.

If you suffer or want to prevent knee injury get Janu Vast Treatment at Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Clinic

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