Kumaryasavam Ingredients, Uses, Dose  &  Side Effects

Kumaryasavam is Ayurvedic medicine prepared with a unique technique of fermentation. It is very effectual in treating women’s problems as well as abdominal and liver problems. It is also prescribed in a productive cough, asthma, non-bleeding piles or hemorrhoids, abdominal pain and loss of appetite.


The main ingredient in Kumaryasavam is aloe vera. It possesses all quality of aloe vera. Other important ingredients are Woodfordia fructicosa, Nardostachys jatamansi, Inula racemosa, Ricinus communis, Piper retrofractum, Pistacia integerrima and calcified iron etc.

Pharmacological action of Kumaryasavam:

Kumaryasavam mollifies vata and kapha humour as per Ayurvedic science. In abdominal pain, it works as anti-spasmodic as well as has anti-inflammatory action due to the presence of Ricinus communis and aloe vera. Due to anti-spasmodic action, it is also very beneficial in spasmodic dysmenorrhoea (painful periods). Furthermore, Kumaryasavam is also useful in cases of absent menses. It stimulates ovaries to produce eggs and assists to maintain the natural menstrual cycle.

It works on liver due to its stimulant action on bile production. It increases secretion of bile and aids in fat digestions. Moreover, bile stimulates intestinal peristaltic movements that help to cure chronic constipation as well.

Kumaryasavam has one important ingredient Inula racemosa that dilates bronchi and decrease mucous over-production in the respiratory tract. Therefore, Kumaryasavam is also given in cough and asthma.

Kumaryasavam is digestive stimulant too. It increases digestives juices so it is also beneficial in loss of appetite and indigestion. As said above, it works on the liver as well. It reduces inflammation of liver and gallbladder.  It decreases bilirubin level in blood by which it becomes beneficial in jaundice.

Uses and indications:

  1. Painful periods or dysmenorrhoea
  2. Amenorrhoea – absent menses
  3. Loss of appetite and indigestion
  4. Jaundice
  5. Cholelithiasis or gallbladder stone as supportive therapy
  6. Splenomegaly
  7. Anaemia
  8. Cough
  9. Asthma
  10. Abdominal pain or cramps
  11. Abdominal distension and flatulence

Side effects:

Kumaryasavam is well tolerable in medicinal doses. However, it is not recommended to take without consulting an Ayurvedic physician.


  1. Ayurvedic saar sangreh
  2. Bhaisajya ratanvali
  3. Bhaisajya kalpna


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