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Of course, our preference is to meet you face-to-face, at least for your first consultation. However, we realise with distance this is not possible for many patients, especially those who live distant from the clinic locations.   This is why we are able to offer our services via distance. This can be conducted via broadband (Skype or GTalk) or telephone.

Our Ayurvedic Consultants start with a comprehensive diagnosis of the health according to Ayurvedic principles to find out the main and origin reasons of the disorder.

It included finding out the imbalance of the body’s dosha’s/energies, any obstruction of body channels, inadequate functioning of the tissues, the wrong functioning of several cleaning or excretory systems, determining the vigour of gastrointestinal fire and immune system.

We always take into consideration other individual factors such as age, well-being, lifestyle, environment and our client’s goals.

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