Parpatadyarishtam Ingredients, Uses, Dose  &  Side Effects


Parpatadyarishtam is ayurvedic-fermented formulation widely used in abdominal diseases. It is beneficial in various liver and spleen disorders. It is used to treat liver enlargement, spleenomegaly, fever, generalized swelling and abdominal lump.

Main Ingredients:

Fumaria Indica or Fumitory herb is the main ingredient in Parpatadyarishtam. The other important ingredients are tinospora cordifolia, Cyperus rotundus, berberis aristata etc.

Pharmacological action of:

As per Ayurvedic science, Parpatadyarishtam pacifies kapha and pitta humors and useful in abdominal and skin diseases caused by these humors. Parpatadyarishtam possesses hepatoprotective properties. It increases the metabolism in the liver and aids to excrete toxins of the body. It is helpful in restoring the natural size of liver and reduces fat accumulation. Moreover, it is also efficacious in the reduction of inflammation of liver by which it is very useful in hepatitis or jaundice.

Parpatadyarishtam has anti-flatulent property by which it reduces the wind in the abdominal cavity and becomes beneficial in abdominal distension.

Uses and indications:

  1. Jaundice and hepatitis
  2. Liver enlargement
  3. Fatty liver
  4. Anaemia
  5. Abdominal lump
  6. Spleenomegaly
  7. Intermittent fever
  8. Edema or swelling

Side effects and precautions:

There are no known side effects observed.


  1. Bhaishajya Ratnavali
  2. Ayurveda saar sangreh


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