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Poly Cystic Ovary (PCOD) Treatment

Women suffer many types of endocrine disorders. Among them, the most common is poly cystic ovary disease that is described by the growth of multiple small cysts in the ovaries that grants the use of the word ‘poly’ in the disease name. This medical condition affects mostly females in the reproductive period, mostly those in their twenties. This period can be described as premenopausal phase.

This disease is hereditary and is passed down from maybe mother to daughter. This so far is the main cause as there are not other causes told. It is not permanent and with effective treatment, it can be treated. The symptoms of poly cystic ovary differ from one person to another since we are all different and our bodies don’t work in a similar manner. Apart from being hereditary, both internal and external factors play a huge role in contracting this disease. Internal factors like stress and anxiety can lead to tension. External factors include habits created like smoking and constant drinking.

What are the symptoms?

Poly Cystic Ovary disease causes many problems. Due to the development of follicular cysts that is constant, the ovaries get enlarged. The following are some symptoms; it is to be noted though those women affected don’t necessarily get all these symptoms. Some might get many while some few.

Menstrual disorders are observed. This can be in terms of irregular menstrual cycles or even lack of menstruation.

Infertility can be symptom. Women suffering from Poly Cystic Ovary syndrome mostly have fertility problems though this can be dealt with.

High cholesterol levels can be a tell tale sign of infertility characterized by an increase in weight.

The body might produce masculinizing hormones that increase the facial and body hair. Acne may also surface. This is due to the fact that this disease causes hormonal changes in the body.

Development of multiple cysts in the ovary is a sign. Experiencing abdominal pain due to the growth of large cysts can also come with the same.

This disease leads to diabetes since victims show resistance to insulin. The insulin is not well utilized as it needs to be.

Before one goes for treatment, there are a few steps that should be followed. Getting the appropriate doctor to treat you effectively is essential. Do several tests, especially blood related to be able to fully understand how severe your case is. An ultrasound will show clearly the extent of the cysts and conveniently show the shape whether they are normal or irregular. With that, the treatments can be administered and they include: Medicines that help to stabilize the levels of insulin, make the menstrual cycle regular, and restore ones fertility through inducing ovulation.

Physical activities help in form of exercise. Engage in things like yoga, swimming, walking or even jogging. Herbal treatments like liquorice and dandelion roots can as well be used. Maintaining a healthy diet helps to treat this disease.

The earlier Poly Cystic Ovary is detected, the faster it is treated bearing in mind that prevention is better than cure.

Treatment of Poly Cystic Ovary at Ayurveda Yoga Wellness Clinic Melbourne

Those who are having trouble because of PCOD and seeking for some help can contact the clinic anytime. With the help of Ayurveda specialist at Ayurveda yoga wellness clinic, patients can get the best treatment in Ayurveda. We have qualified Ayurveda doctors and they treat with Organic medicine. This is the most advanced medicine in Ayurveda. We use authentic traditional medicine therapy and which helps to get away from the chronic diseases. We not just treat the patient physically but also psychologically. PCOD issue could create lots of mental and people might lose self-confidence. We help them to gain the self confidence back and be happy in daily lifestyle.

Dr Santosh Yadav is an Ayurveda specialist and the pioneer in Ayurveda medicine. He has more than 10 years’ experience in this field. He has treated thousands of patients in India and Australia.

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