Dr Ian Kaminskyj

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes

This System Makes Quitting Cigarettes Easy!

The beauty of this system is that it deals with all the reasons that are unique to you. It even goes one step further. This system is pro-active in removing a lot of the common reasons people fail, before they even happen. For example, with this system, we help find and create new habits so you don’t gain any weight from eating more when you quit cigarettes. Also, we help remove the withdrawal symptoms from the addictive aspects of cigarettes, doesn’t that sound good?

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in this system, that we are still one of the few hypnotherapists who back up our quit cigarettes session with a long-term guarantee.

This means that if you ever start smoking cigarettes again, whether it is two days or six months down the road, we will do a follow up session at no charge to help you quit cigarettes for good.

You may be wondering how we can offer these free back up sessions to our clients for such a long time…

95% Quit

The reason we can offer our unique long-term guarantee is because we have such a high success rate. For example, many of our clients quit cigarettes in the first session.

For those that do not, they attend free follow up sessions. Overall, 95% of people will quit with our program.

What It Is Not

  • No pain
  • No major life changes
  • No chemicals
  • No dangerous drugs
  • No patches or pills
  • No needles

What Is Involved?

You will call up the number on this website and book your reservation. You will then have a free 15 min consultation with our specialist to ensure the program is right for you as well as answer all your questions.

You will then fill out some paperwork, send it to us and show up for your session.

You will meet with your quit cigarettes specialist and begin your session which will consist of:

  • some background information about you and your habit,
  • Talking with you about your specific reasons and excuses about why you are not quitting,
  • Talking about the system and how it works,
  • Doing the system which will include advanced hypnosis, NLP, reframing, and other systems, and
  • Giving you support materials to help insure you remain a non-smoker for life.

Client testimonials

Danielle said: “I feel so much better about myself. The session was calm & relaxing and I’m very glad that I decided to use this system.”

Lynette said: “The process of hypnosis & NLP was far easier than I anticipated & less stressful. In fact, because of my determination prior, I now feel more positive & empowered than at any other time in my life. I am now a ‘NON-SMOKER’, therefore EMPOWERED

Travis said: “I found the process to be professional, in a relaxed environment, with the end result successful

Agnes said: “I found it very informative & felt very relaxed. I will recommend it to everyone I come into contact with

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