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Srotas (Channels)

The meaning of the word Srotas is body passages or body channels. These channels are present throughout the visible and invisible body of the cells, molecules and atoms. The body channels carry solids, liquids, gases, nerve impulses, nutrients, waste products and secretions in and out of the human body physiologies. According to some physicians human body is a network of appropriate nutrients and energies through the channels results in healthy mind and body. Any kind of blockage, deficiency or excess in the channels can result in various diseases.

According to Ayurveda human body channels are classified in two categories:

  • Internal channels
  • External channels

According to Charka shamita, there are thirteen Srotas in the internal channels. Among thirteen srotas, three srotas connect the individual to the external environment by inhaling and exhaling air, food and water. These three srotas are:

  • Prana vaha srotas – carries the breath to all parts of the body
  • Anna vaha srotas – transports solid and liquid foods
  • Udaka vaha srotas – transports water
  • The other seven srotas are associated with the seven dhatus or tissues. These are:
  • Rasa vaha srotas – carries plasma and lymphatic fluid
  • Rakta vaha srotas – carries blood cells specially haemoglobin (circulatory system)
  • Masma vaha srotas – carries muscle nutrients and  and wastes from muscle tissue
  • Meda vaha srotas – supplies adipose tissues
  • Asthi vaha srotas – carries nutrients to bones and transports wastes
  • Majja vaha srotas – supplies bone marrow and nerves including the brain
  • Shukra vaha srotas – carries the sperm and ova and supply nutrient to them

The other three srotas eliminates the metabolic waste from the body. These are:

  • Purisha vaha srotas – carries faeces
  • Mutra vaha srotas – carries urine
  • Sweda vaha srotas – carries sweat

The external channels have their natural openings on the surface of the body. The pair of ears, eyes and nostrils, the mouth, anus and the urethra is the nine openings of the channels opening externally.

The three additional srotas that are not described in Charka Samhita, These three Srotas are:

  • Artava vaha srotas – carries the menstrum (the menstrual channel)
  • Stanya vaha srotas – carries the breast milk during lactation
  • Mana vaha srotas – carries thoughts, ideas, emotions and impressions, we can say all mental activities

The Effect of Blocked Srotas (Channels) In the Human Body: How Ayurveda Work?

The food and activity that promotes the morbid tendencies of the three humors and are harmful to the body elements result in blockage of the body channels.

Ayurveda helps in diagnosing the affected srotas, its nature and extent of blockage and ultimately helps in knowing the process of disease. Ayurveda also takes the help of doshic imbalances, dhatus and Agni in the assessment of disease.

The system of Ayurveda assumes the presence of channels in the body which carry metabolic waste. The three srotas of mala are purisha vaha srotas, mutra vaha srotas and sweda vaha srotas.

These three work in coordination by flushing out the body waste. However, in the process, the metabolic waste which converts into toxin impair the functioning of the body organs leading serious diseases and leading to low body immunity.

The Ayurvedic system seeks to spot any such obstruction to these srotas and also provides appropriate treatment. Mala srotas make the use of external outlets of the human body such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, urethra, and anus for accomplishing the flushing out of metabolic wastes from the body.

Any imbalance in the working of these channels raises the toxic levels in the body leading to deadly diseases.

Purisha vaha srotas drains out the gross waste materials such as stool and feces.

The mutra vaha srotas carry out the urine and if the urine is stored in the body for long periods it can lead to kidney stones. The perspiration process is carried out by the sweda vaha srotas through the pores in the skin. The role of an ayurvedic system cannot be undermined because the ayurvedic physicians seek to reopen the mala srotas by using sauna steam baths so as to induce sweating and herbal medicines.

Ayurvedic medicines seek to keep healthy all the channels or srotas in the body which transport the metabolic wastes from one point to another. Any impairment caused by toxins in the functioning of the srotas leads to many serious diseases such as paralysis, epilepsy, convulsions, and rheumatism.

The ancient sages believed that the maintenance of a healthy digestive system and regular bowel movement contributes to greater energy and liveliness in the body. This objective is achieved by ayurvedic techniques, yoga and meditation.

To maintaining and Free from diseases Its ultimate necessary to properly flush out your waste material or clean out all the channel, if you suffer blocked channels.

Seek Ayurvedic Doctor and clean your Channels, free from all Diseases.

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