Alfred Van Den Bosch ,Melbourne,Victoria

For Prostate Problem:

Dear Dr. Santosh k. Yadav,

As I told you when we met that I had a prostate problem after the prostate operation, some week later I felt uncomfortable in my lower part of the body.

I am so glad I met you by chance through another Indian man. You are the good Ayurvedic doctor who has studied the thousands of year old system in India. We need more doctors like you here in Australia.

I want to say that after you gave me the pills that late afternoon, the next day my pain almost was gone and I continue my other Ayurvedic treatments as well.

I can only recommend you to all my friends and people I will meet how you helped me with my prostate problem. I am very happy with my prostate treatment and other Ayurvedic treatment (Massage), it is so relaxing.

 “I like you, you are friendly and have a good sense of humour “  By  A.V.D.Bosch 

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