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For Sinus Treatment: Thank you Santosh for helping me with my sinus problem.… Read more “Sharon”


For the Sirovasti Treatment : I had bronchitis the beginning of spring with… Read more “Matheu Black ,Rosebud,Victoria”

Matheu Black ,Rosebud,Victoria

For Fatigue, Lethargy, Aches, plus mood swings and emotional imbalance: For many years… Read more “N Alexander Belgrave,Victoria”

N Alexander Belgrave,Victoria

For HORMONAL IMBALANCE: I came to see Santosh K. Yadav for my menstrual… Read more “M.Jones,Melbourne”


Fibromyalgia case: I am suffering from the fibromyalgia for past few years. My… Read more “T.Phil,Melbourne”


When I came for my consultation am so happy found an Ayurveda doctor.… Read more “Viji, Sydney”

Viji, Sydney

For Panchakarma /Detox Treatment: I would like to give thanks for the all… Read more “M. Paramasivam, Melbourne”

M. Paramasivam, Melbourne

About Ayurvedic massage: The massage I had yesterday was absolutely fantastic. It was… Read more “Amila, Melbourne”

Amila, Melbourne

Panchakarma Treatment (BIO- CLEANSING MEASURES) / Detox Treatment My Complete Health Recovery!‏ Have… Read more “Iris Carroll”

Iris Carroll

14 day Panchakarma treatment / (BIO- CLEANSING MEASURES) / Detox Treatment Santosh is… Read more “Ian”


14 day Panchakarma treatment / (BIO- CLEANSING MEASURES) / Detox Treatment I would… Read more “Natalie Pethes”

Natalie Pethes

Fibromyalgia and Erosive Inflammatory Arthritis Since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Erosive Inflammatory… Read more “N.Halladay”


Breathing problem, Shoulder Pain and Over Weight On the 11/6/14 I went to… Read more “Giavanni Rico”

Giavanni Rico

Santosh is a fantastic practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine. Always after treatment including rejuvenating… Read more “Anthony Watkins”

Anthony Watkins

I (Denzil Furnell ) highly recommend Santosh Yadav as a Yoga Teacher. Santosh… Read more “Denzil”


Psoriasis and Diabetes: I (S.Mahraj) suffering from Diabetes for 20 year and Psoriasis… Read more “S. Mahraj, Melbourne”

S. Mahraj, Melbourne

For Prostate Problem: Dear Santosh k. Yadav, As I told you when we… Read more “Alfred Van Den Bosch ,Melbourne,Victoria”

Alfred Van Den Bosch ,Melbourne,Victoria

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