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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medical system with Indian roots, and is one of the most highly practiced alternative medicines. Ayurvedic practices aim for overall wellbeing and longevity by reducing bodily imbalances through a balanced lifestyle.

The holistic approach tends to focus on managing a person’s physical, mental, moral, and spiritual health. Ayurvedic practitioners believe a person’s health is dependent on the strength and fitness of their body.

Benefits of Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic treatments have several physical, spiritual, and psychological benefits, which include:

  • Improved vitality through regular massages
  • Reduction of muscle fatigue
  • Improved body tissue repair

What to expect

Ayurveda uses five diagnostic methods called Pancha Nidana to diagnose a disease:

  • Nidana – the cause
  • Purva rupa – the initial signs
  • Rupa – symptoms
  • Upashaya – examining methods
  • Samprapti – disease development

During a consultation, an Ayurvedic doctor will evaluate:

  • Basic constitution and any imbalance of doshas
  • Any possible lifestyle causes
  • Toxin build-up in the muscles

Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic treatments aid the physical, spiritual, and psychological health of a patient. Some of the possible treatments include:

  • Improved diet
  • Meditation, yoga, exercise, and pranayama breathing exercises
  • Panchakarma therapies
  • Cleansing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic therapies

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