7 Top Ayurvedic Massages Which You Must Know About

Ayurveda is an Indian healing technique which focuses on holistic strengthening of mind and body. From treating chronic ailments to providing intrinsic rejuvenation, Ayurveda has been rendering its benefits since ages.Generally, ayurvedic treatments can be utilized as a holistic therapy that works hand-in-hand with allopathic treatments with the motive to achieve best results.

Ayurvedic treatments mainly consist of massages which combine pressure, vibration, various motions and aromatic oils to provide complete relief to the entire body.

So if you are someone who is looking for these holistic ayurvedic massages in Melbourne, then here is something you need to know. We have enlisted some prime types of ayurvedic massages to reduce pain and stress. Read on to know about the types and benefits of ayurvedic massages.



As a part of this process, warm oil is poured on your body from a special type of vessel, called as Kindi. The vessel is placed some inches above the body. The oil soothes your nerves while the masseuse massages your body. People suffering from body stiffness, fractures, paralysis, paraplegia, monoplegia and hemiplegia can prominently benefit from this healing massage.


This massage can be customized as per the order and can help the perspiration system in your body.  This massage is popularly used in the southern states of India and is considered to be beneficial for skin. This massage is done with help of small cotton blouses filled with special type of cooked rice known as Njavara. These blouses are then dipped in cow’s milk and a special herbal paste and are kept on your skin in order to boost the production of sweat. This massage is revitalizes the skin and adds radiance to your skin.


This is a head massage which stimulates your nerves and calms you down.  A continuously running stream or `dhara’ of medicated herbal oil is poured on your scalp. This oil is helpful in healing mental fatigue, increasing your focus and clarity. It is also extremely effective in relieving headache.

4.Ubtaan and elakijhi

In these massages, a number of herbal or animal centric products are utilized in order to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. This massage technique improves the quality of your skin and nourishes entire body.


This is a full body massage which is done with medicated hot oil which is chosen according to the medical condition of the patient. Temperature is carefully set so that the patient is fully comfortable. This massage stimulates your energies and helps you release the toxics from the body.


This massage is useful in enhancing your blood circulation. It also helps to release your toxins and is highly beneficial for people suffering from troubles like high cholesterol levels, obesity and Kapha dosha.


In this massage, no herbal powder or oil is used. Your body is stimulated using raw silk gloves. Light movements help your body to release toxins from the body and feel fresh.

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