Ayurveda for Frozen Shoulder

Very often, we tend to dismiss shoulder pain and stiffness by consuming a painkiller. But, it’s essential to know that a frozen shoulder can actually advance to make it impossible for you to conduct routine tasks. Hence, it’s essential to be serious about any shoulder discomfort in the initial stages.

What is frozen shoulder? 

Frozen shoulder is said to be an enduring painful stiffness of the shoulder joint. In general, it includes pain and arduousness that develops slowly, gets worse as well as sensitive. Frozen shoulder is at times mistaken for arthritis, but, these two conditions are distinct. Frozen shoulder includes particularly the shoulder joint and adjacent tissues, arthritis refers to several joints.

A frozen shoulder can take place in any one shoulder or both. It basically develops in three stages, with each stage lasting for numerous months.

Causes of frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder can affect anyone but usually affects people of age between 40-60 years, and is more often found in women than in men.

A frozen shoulder takes place when connective tissue capsule near to the joint thickens, limiting its movement. It can also take place following a surgery or an injury, stroke, in people suffering from diabetes, thyroid issues, heart disease or lung disease. With respect to Ayurveda, it is believed to take place owing to exacerbation of vata dosha and a vata kapha imbalance.

Experts’ comments

As per health experts, there are chances that frozen shoulder may actually interfere with an individual’s ability to perform routine tasks like bathing and dressing.

Doctors, hence, say that pain and stiffness in the shoulder area must not be overlooked. It may consume one or two years to recover from this severe condition.

Ayurvedic methodology to treating frozen shoulder

In Ayurveda, frozen shoulder is known as ‘Apabahuka.’ Ayurvedic professionals recommend numerous attitudes to prosperously treat a frozen shoulder. Ayurveda- a personalized health science, the treatment for frozen shoulder might be different. It’s essential to recognize the root cause, and depending on that, treatment is suggested which would be an amalgamation of herbal blends, guggulu preparations, churnas and herbo-mineral rasa medicines that aid mollify the worse vata dosha, which is believed to be the root cause behind this condition.

Ayurveda possess numerous efficient heart medications and peripheral treatment for frozen shoulder. While, it must be overseen only after meeting a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner, as he/she will be able to prescribe appropriate therapies depending on your specific body type and condition.

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