Due to Causative factors

Doshasget imbalanced(specifically kledakkapha,pachakpitta, samanvayu


Culminates all dushyas(specifically medodhatu)

Kledavrudhi(unnecessary excessive body fluid oozed out from all dhatu)

Body tries to excrete in the form of urine
*Kleda= Wasting away of tissues (dhatu)
Early Symptoms/Purvarupa:-

      • Excessive thirst
      • Dryness of mouth
      • Lethargy
      • Abnormal and frequent urination
      • Burning & numbness in hands and feet
      • Sweet taste in mouth
      • Coated tongue & teeth etc.
      • Bad breath
      • Entanglement of hair

Symptoms of Type -2 Diabetes:-

      • Excessive thirsty
      • Passing more urine
      • Feeling tired and lethargic
      • Always feeling hungry
      • Having cuts that’s heals slowly
      • Itching, skin infections
      • Blurred vision
      • Gradually putting weight
      • Mood swings
      • Feeling dizzy
      • Leg cramps

Preventing of Type 2 Diabetes:-

      • Maintaining a healthy weight
      • Regular physical activity
      • Making healthy food of choices
      • Managing Blood pressure
      • Managing Cholesterol levels
      • Not Smoking
      • No Alcohols

Regular Monitoring Blood Glucose Level:-

Classification Value for fasting blood glucose levels are:-

Normal Blood Glucose: 4 -6 mmol/L
Moderate blood glucose: 4 –7 mmol/L
High blood glucose : Above 7 mmol/L
How ever the symptoms of diabetes may not appear until blood glucose level are higher. so some people may have diabetes without knowing about it.
Management Principles/Chikitsa:
Management (Chikitsa)
(A) Ahar(Diet)
•Selective Food (e.g. Low GI Food)•Small meals •Frequent intake
Foods that can be use frequently:-
Vegetables, green leafy vegetables, Spices ,High fibres Food.

Food thatCanbe used in Moderate:-
Fat Nuts Cereals
Milk Products ,Meat products, Eggs,
Artificial Sweeteners
Food that can be avoided:-
Sugar, sweets, Honey, Jam And Jellies
Cakes and Pastries, Sweetened Juices and soft drinks.
Use fenugreek seeds In the management of Diabetes:-
Take 25 gm –50 gm fenugreek seed in two equal dose .
Begins 25 gm of fenugreek seeds in two equal dose of 12.5gm before Lunch and dinner
Some recipes:-
Rice 30gm
Black gram lentils 15gm
Red gram lentils 15gm
Green gram lentils 15gm
Fenugreek seeds 12.5gm
oil 15gm
Salt to taste
Method :-
Soak rice ,lentils and fenugreek seeds over night, In morning grind them coarsely .Add all the spices and spread on hot pan. fry it slow heat on both side. when its become golden brownish in colour ,serve it.
Some recipe for Diabetes
Wheat flour 90 gm
Fenugreek Seeds powder 12.5 gm
Broken wheat 60gm
Green Gram lentils 30 gm
Fenugreek seeds 12.5 gm
Cumin 2-3 gm
Black Pepper 2gm
Water 250ml
Salt to taste
Soak fenugreek seeds Overnight. In morning heat oil, fry wheat and green gram lentils till golden brown add fenugreek seeds and water and cooked till soft and semisolid, add salt to taste and serve hot.

      • Exercise Daily for 30 to 45 minutes
      • Yogasanase :- Pashchimotanasan, halasan, peacock pose, Chest knee pose, Sun Salutation.
      • Meditation for stress management

(C)Aushadhi(Ayurvedic Medicine)

Popular & effective Herbs-
Amalki(indiangoosberry),Karela(bitter Melon),Methi(Fenugrek) JamunSeed,Gurmar,Vijayshar,Haridra(Turmeric),Neem,Triphala,Guduchi,Daruharidra,Bel, Chairayata, Kutki, Devadaru, Shilajatu
People at risk of Type 2 Diabetes

      • People over 55 years of age
      • People with a family history of diabetes
      • Overweight individuals
      • People with high blood pressure
      • People with heart diseases
      • Women who had pregnancy related diabetes
      • People over 35 years of age who are of Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander, Chinese, Indian, Mori or pacific island heritage.

Complications of Diabetes?
Over time, untreated high blood glucose level will cause:-

      • Increase risk of heart attack or stroke
      • Blood vessel and nerve damage
      • Eye disease or blindness
      • Kidney disease
      • Poor circulation (some time requiring limb amputation)
      • Poor wound healing
      • Impotence in Men

Facts about Diabetes:-

      • Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic diseases. Currently 246 million people affects worldwide.
      • The number expected to rise to 380million by 2025.
      • In 2007, the five countries with the largest number of people with diabetes are INDIA(40.9Million), CHINA(39.8 million),The United State (19.2 Million),Russia(9.6million) and Germany(7.4million)
      • Each year 3.8million death are attributable to diabetes.
      • Every 10 second a person dies from diabetes –related cause.
      • Every 10 second s two people develop diabetes.
      • Diabetes is fourth leading cause of global death.
      • At least 50% of all people with type 2 diabetes are unaware of their condition.
      • Up to 60% of type 2 diabetes is preventable by adopting a healthy diet and increases physical activity.
      • Diabetes is the largest cause of kidney failure in developed countries.
      • 10% -20% people with diabetes will die of renal failure.
      • It is estimated that more than 2.5 million people worldwide are affected by diabetic retinopathy.
      • CVS(Cardio vascular disease) is the major cause of death in diabetes.
      • People with type 2 diabetes are two times more prone to heart attack or stroke.

If you suffer from diabetes or pre diabetic you must consult Ayurvedic doctor and get advice to prevent it. Naturally- safe- without side effect.

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