Global Consultation


Of course our preference is to meet you face-to-face, at least for your first consultation. However, we   realise with distance this is not possible for many patients, especially those who live distant from the clinic locations.   This is why we are able to offer our services via distance. This can be conducted via broadband (Skype or GTalk) or telephone.

If you would like to have a distance consult, please complete the steps outlined below.

  • Fill out the questionnaire.
  • Send the following by mail or email:
    • The completed questionnaire
    • Copies of any relevant test results or medical reports
    • Recent passport photo (Optional)
    • Your payment
  • Once we receive the questionnaire, we will study it in depth and arrange a time for an interview.
  • You can have your interview via our preferred medium (Skype), telephone, or other. We recommend the use of Skype since it allows for international calls at minimal or no cost. Following your interview, if we need any laboratory tests for a final diagnosis, then you have to mail us.
  • Your prescribed ayurvedic medicine is mailed to you. We will include instructions on how to use them.
  • We then arrange a follow up which is usually four to six weeks after commencing your medicines. Further follow ups if needed.
  • Please note that health fund rebates are generally not available for distance consultations

Please take time to read our terms and conditions before proceeding to Ayurvedic Online Consultation system:

  • Please note that health fund rebates are generally not available for distance consultations
  • The information provided on this site is to support, but not to replace the relationship that exists between a patient and the physician. The information provided is not extensive and do not cover the whole aspect of the subject discussed. We take no responsibility whatsoever of the consequences experienced by the persons who may use the information provided on this website.
  • Although we assure you of our best possible efforts for those who apply for long distance online treatment, we advise you to consider our services as a complementary and supportive treatment only. Ayurvedic medicines are considered to be essentially non toxic and free from any unnecessary side effects. Our clinic takes no responsibility for any unusual and unforeseen complications experienced by the patients after the start of the treatment. It is considered that the user has read and agreed to this disclaimer, when one uses the literature on this site and chooses online treatment option.
  • We respect the privacy of the users of this website and appreciate the importance of information submitted by them. Our privacy policy is against sharing the information submitted by our users and clients to any other third party. It is our policy to take written consent from our clients before publishing their testimonials on this site.
  • As the payment is done per consultation basis we do not give any refunds once the payment is done.
  • The only situation we can refund the fee is, if we are unable to process your case and post the required medicines in seven working days time. Please note that our usual time for analyzing the case and posting the medicines is two to three working days.

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