Iris Carroll

Panchakarma Treatment (BIO- CLEANSING MEASURES) / Detox Treatment

My Complete Health Recovery!‏

Have just completed a 2 week intensive Panchakarma treatment by Dr. Santosh, tailored to my individual health issue

I highly recommend Dr. Santosh to my family, friends, colleagues & anyone wanting a natural method to recover, rejuvenate their health & well being with no known side effects. I was given strong prescriptions by an eye specialist, as I was diagnosed with a severe eye allergy. These medications I have now thrown away as my eyes are now clear & focused. Candida, which I have had on & off for years due to prolonged antibiotics is now gone. the low, sluggish energy is now replaced by feeling light & energetic! My skin is clean, clear & soft 🙂

Before doing Panchakarma I did my research. I also visited several Ayurveda doctors. I chose Dr. Santosh for his extensive time, knowledge he took to empower me with confidence on exactly why, what steps & detail explanation & expectation I was to receive in the treatment, on my first consultation visit.

The cost is very reasonable which included his presence every day & also 2 trained therapists caring for me for the approximate 2 hours each day. This also included all the oils, herbs, medication, the pretreatment medication & post rejuvenation medications for 21 days was all included in the upfront cost, so no other charges were incurred.

I would like to thank Dr. Santosh, Neeta & Sveta for a very pleasant, caring & professional outcome. I am a new person now due to you! A Big thank you !!!

Best wishes for natural & effective health recovery of Australians now & in the future

Warm Regards,

Iris Carroll

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