M. Paramasivam, Melbourne

For Panchakarma /Detox Treatment:

I would like to give thanks for the all the 14-day panchakarma /detox treatment.

Actually, I am an old patient of Dr. Santosh, I was coming for the treatment for diabetes, thyroid, bloating and back pain also overweight. He gave me Ayurvedic medicine and managed my diabetes, thyroid, bloating and back pain. I had back pain when I was pregnant. My Allopathic doctor said every thing is ok, but still I had pain and bloating.
One day I decided to go for the panchakarma treatment as Dr. Santosh had suggested me quite long time back about this treatment but I was ignoring ….when he started the panchakarma treatment he gave me some bitter ayurvedic medicine and some medicated ghee and he gave me series of oil massage, sirodhra, virechenam and vamanam treatment, he planned all the treatment in very practical manner. He gave me a diet chart to follow during the treatment and after the treatment.
After the panchakarma /detox treatment my pain has almost gone, my bloating problem totally finished as I am following his diet chart. I am very happy to share my weight has gone down from before treatment 57 kg to 53kg after 14 days treatment. I am feeling very energetic; my skin has become so smooth and soft. Really panchakarma treatment is best healing method.
Again thanks to Dr. Santosh…

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