N Alexander Belgrave,Victoria

For Fatigue, Lethargy, Aches, plus mood swings and emotional imbalance:

For many years I have seen an array of natural therapists – Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki and Healers presenting them all with the same symptoms – fatigue, lethargy, aches, plus mood swings and emotional imbalance. They have all prescribed various remedies none of which I have felt made any real difference.


As I am a full time yogi and teacher I decided to then explore Ayurvedic medicine as it fully complements my lifestyle. Dr Santosh is more than willing to discuss and explore the facets of Ayurveda with me and answer my many questions. Over the past 3 months I have had a series of Abhyangam and Sirodhara treatments which work deeply into the nervous system, plus have been given herbs to soothe and nurture the imbalance. I can honestly say that there has been a huge improvement in my emotional and physical well being, and will continue to keep seeing him on a regular basis to maintain the equilibrium.

It is a shame that Ayurvedic Medicine isn’t more widely known in Australia as it is so beneficial, and should be promoted. If you are after an empathetic practitioner then look no further than Dr Santosh, I am recommending him to all of my students and friends!

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