Ingredients, Uses, Dose and Side Effects

Best and safe Herbal Ayurvedic Medicine for the Nervine weakness, Neurological diseases, Muscular pain, Paralysis, Facial Paralysis.


Balarishtam is frequently used in disorders of the nervous system and muscular problems. It is great nervine tonic as well as natural analgesic. It is helpful in muscular pain, general weakness, loss of appetite in neurological diseases and anorexia due to anxiety or depression.  It provides overall nourishment to the all body systems. Primarily, it is ayurvedic health magic drink for neurological diseases and associated symptoms to these disorders.


Main Ingredients:

Sida cordifolia is the main ingredient in Balarishtam. It has medicinal action on nervous system. Balarishtam also contains Indian ginseng, Ricinus communis, Tribulus terrestris, Pluchea lanceolata and Paederia foetida. These ingredients impart pain-relieving action inside the body.

Pharmacological action of Balarishtam:

Balarishtam pacifies vata humor as per Ayurveda and has the main action on nervous system. It possesses some herbs that act as a nervine tonic as well anti-inflammatory. It provides strength to nerves and prevents degenerations of the nervous system. Therefore, it is very useful in paralysis in which it precludes further damage of nerves and aids to improve sensitivity in patients of paralysis. It aids rejuvenation of various cells inside the body and restores the natural activity of muscles.

All herbs in Balarishtam are anti-inflammatory, strengthening and natural analgesics. Therefore, Balarishtam has anti-inflammatory as well as an analgesic action so it is given in arthritic pain in osteoarthritis and rheumatic pains. Balarishtam reduces inflammation and swelling of joints.

Uses and indications:

  1. Nervine weakness and general body weakness
  2. Anorexia or loss of appetite due to neurological diseases
  3. Fibromyalgia – Muscular pain
  4. Inflammation, Joint pain or arthritis
  5. Paralysis
  6. Facial Paralysis
  7. As uterine tonic

Side effects and precautions:

There are no known side effects in recommended dosages.


  1. Bhaishajya Ratnavali
  2. Ayurveda saar sangreh
  3. Saharayogam

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